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Three Southern European banks enhance digital payment experience with Urovo POS terminals.


Digital technology is now highly integrated with management and business. Confronted with the trend of worldwide digital transformation, enterprises from different industries have started to reform. As the exclusive partner in South Europe, INSS Ltd has renewed the advanced payment solutions for 3 South Europe coop banks with Urovo’s Android Handheld Payment Terminals models i9100 and i2000.

The three banks have decided to step forward and modernize their installed base POS network by updating technology infrastructures to meet current needs and expand their operations (volume and services) in the years to come. Within the framework of issuing and acquiring system replacement that was appointed to INSS by the three banks, INSS offered UROVO’s Android smart POS devices to replace the older devices of older technology. This renovation extended from the POS devices and payment application to the processing network and back office administrative infrastructure.


The primary challenge faced during the process was the time and personnel needed to implement such a complex project. It is hard to achieve a smooth transition from existing to new network solutions for operations at all three banks with more than 10,000 merchants.


INSS not only secured the provision of the necessary POS devices but also had the total project management, which consisted of four major elements:

1. Selection and supply of the POS devices.

2. Development of the Payment application running on the POS devices.

3. Implementation of the administrative infrastructure.

4. Finding the processing network and BIN sponsoring Bank and making all necessary adjustments to interconnect all systems together.

In addition, INSS collaborated closely with the IT departments of the three banks and with its partner here at URovo for a smart design of the total system. They collaborated and took all necessary precautions and measures for an experienced, strong, and flexible team who could ensure the successful deployment and future operation of the completed project.

UROVO participated in three ways:

1. As a supplier, UROVO provided a total of 10,000 POS terminal devices fully certified by Visa and Master card that was customized and fine-tuned according to the customer’s needs in color, logos, and required initial quantities.

2. As a software vendor, UROVO provided all the necessary know-how and SDK tools for developing the custom payment application that ran on Android devices and helped get it fully certified by the schemes. Additionally, UROVO provided all necessary administrative, supervisory, and management software such as UTMS and KMS, fine-tuned to the customer’s needs.

3. As a technique support provider, UROVO provided human resources by sending a software development team to Greece for 3 months to work on the project with their team colleagues.


No matter the challenge, the three banks have gained the following three major advantages by the completion of this project:

1. A modernized POS network that requires lower running costs and ensures better services than before.

2. Richer functionality offered to the merchants, including faster response to requests and better/faster operational support.

3. Increased competitive advantage based on improved pricing to merchants leading to more sales.

The well-designed and successfully deployed network enables banks to operate standardized effective Business Processes for all functions at all levels (commercial, economic, logistics, and support).Its on-time and on-budget implementation made it possible for the banks to immediately start enjoying the benefits without any delay and deployment or postponed deployment. As a result, work efficiency and customer satisfaction have been greatly improved, and this manifested immediately not only by the KPls monitored but also through testimonies of all involved parties.

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